Using SurveyMonkey: Randomising and rotating answer lists

1. Log in to SurveyMonkey and click on the survey you’d like to work on from the “Active Surveys” list. This takes you to the “Edit Survey” screen.

2. Find the question where you’d like to rotate or randomise the answer list and click the “Edit Question” button for that question. The following window should appear:


surveymonkey randomise

 3.Scroll down to the bottom of the window and check the tick box for “Randomise, flip or sort” choices.

If you want to randomise the answer list choose “Randomise answer choices for each respondent” (this is the default option).

To rotate answers choose “Flip answer choices for each respondent”

4. There is also a check box below called “Do not randomise the last option”. If you have a “not sure” or “don’t know” answer at the bottom of your answer list then make sure this box is checked. Survey research software more sophisticated than SurveyMonkey will allow for more answers to be excluded from randomisation or rotation.

In SurveyMonkey “other” answers are automatically placed at the bottom of your answer lists and excluded from any randomisation or rotation.

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