One question at a time

When presenting questions to respondents as part of an online survey it is best practice to show one question at a time on screen. The benefits of the one question per screen approach are listed below:

  • It eliminates or reduces the need for respondents to scroll down their PC screens making the process easier for them (it is also best practice to avoid having so many answers to your question that respondents have to scroll down to see them all).
  • Respondents aren't presented with what can seem like a never ending list of questions, putting them off completing the survey
  • It prevents respondents looking at future questions which may bias their answers to earlier questions
  • Each question will only be shown to relevant respondents. Any questions that a respondent is routed around will not be shown. Again, this makes the whole exercise simpler and less confusing for respondents.


Achieving one question per page in SurveyMonkey

In SurveyMonkey it's straightforward to ensure that each of your questions has its own page. When adding a new question simply click on the “+ Add Page” button before adding the next question: SurveyMonkey pages


Alternatively, you can split questions on to different pages after you've written them using the “Split Page Here" button: surveynokey pages split

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