Net Promoter Score: the market research industry’s equivalent of the Atkins diet?

There always seems to be a healthy appetite for the next fad diet (pardon the pun). People’s desire to get slimmer outweighs (another pun, sorry) any cynicism that might have been built up through failures on previous diets. We’re constantly looking for the quick fix, the silver bullet.

The only proven long-term way to get slimmer is to lead a healthier lifestyle - eat better food, cut down on the bad stuff and exercise.  This takes dedication, discipline and hard work but ultimately the rewards, in terms of a  better quality of life, are well worth the effort.

In business, many are looking for the equivalent of the fad diet, the magic number that will simplify the complexities of business. That number doesn't exist. A score like NPS, viewed in isolation, implies that a single, one dimensional view of customers is all that matters. What about the other stakeholders? They're all important and need to be considered and engaged. Organisations are systems and need to be looked at as a whole. NPS should be just one measure of many.

As the world changes at an ever increasing pace leading and managing organisations successfully becomes ever more complicated. There are no silver bullets. Holistic approaches bringing together different perspectives from different sources are the only way to gain true understanding. As for successful dieting these approaches require discipline and hard work but they are the only way to achieve sustained organisational health.

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