Get your timing right

A visitor experience survey from a high profile UK tourist attraction recently arrived in my inbox. I visited the attraction towards the end of November 2013 and enjoyed my day. The survey asking about my experience was sent to me in February 2014, around 3 months after the event.

If I had received the survey within a week or so of my visit I would have been much better able to answer their questions. However, as time passes memories fade and answering questions like the one below is much harder. The detail I can supply is hazy and my responses will be sketchy. I am also less likely to respond to the survey than I would have been had I received it soon after the experience.


blenheim palace q5 blog


Good survey design is all about asking the right questions in the right way of the right people at the right time. In this case the timing is wrong. The sending of the survey should have been triggered by the event and received when the experience is fresh in the memory. In market research timing is all.

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