Austin Research and the new Dyson Air Mulitplier Fan

On Monday 12th October, to great expectation, Dyson unveiled their latest innovation, the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan. It is poised to revolutionise the market for fans as it has no blades or grille and produces a constant stream of air, unlike conventional fans.
Are you a fan?

Are you a fan?

During the development of the product Dyson commissioned Austin Research to undertake various quantitative usage and attitude studies with fan users in the UK, US, Australia, China and Japan. The research was carried out online and designed to understand how people used their fans and the frustrations they had about using them. The results from the surveys were fed into the design process and used to help shape the development of the Air Multiplier Fan.

For more details about the fan go to where you can find a great video of people's reaction to the fan when they see it for the first time.

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